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OreCal Issues Briefs

OreCal Issues Brief 001

Could a Calorie Tax or Cuts in Farm Subsidies Reduce Obesity?

OreCal Issues Brief 002

What Would Happen if the Conservation Reserve Program Were Reduced?

OreCal Issues Brief 003

Got Subsidies? Who Benefits from Farm Programs and How that Could Change with a New Farm Bill (REVISED)

OreCal Issues Brief 004

What Happens to Exports as Domestic Agricultural Policy Changes?

OreCal Issues Brief 005

How Do Alternative Designs of Payments for Ecosystem Services Affect Different Interest Groups?

OreCal Issues Brief 006

What is the Role of Crop Insurance for “Specialty” Crops?

OreCal Issues Brief 007

How does the Food Safety Modernization Act Affect Farms and Food Marketing Firms?

OreCal Issues Brief 008

How Does Domestic Food Assistance Affect Rural and Urban Household Incomes?

OreCal Issues Brief 009

What Can be Done to Reinvigorate U.S. Agricultural Research?

OreCal Issues Brief 010

Did Rapid Growth of Ethanol Production in the US Affect Global Food Price Volatility?

OreCal Issues Brief 011

How Does the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Affect the United States Economy?

OreCal Issues Brief 012

How do Extreme Climate Events Affect Specialty Crops and Irrigation Management?

OreCal Issues Brief 013

The 2014 Farm Bill: What Are the Major Reforms and How Do They Affect Western Agriculture?

OreCal Issues Brief 014

What are the Major Climate Risks for Agriculture in the U.S. Pacific Northwest?




Selected Recent Publications by OreCal Researchers

Tracking the Evolution and Recent Development of Whole Farm Insurance Programs
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Asymmetry, Partial Moments and Production Risk
J.M. Antle
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Adaptation of Agricultural and Food Systems to Climate Change: An Economic and Policy Perspective
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Minimum Wages, Immigration Control, and Agricultural Labor Supply
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